This is the time of year that I always get asked by clients if Holiday cards to client and friends aren’t just commercialism at its worst.  There might be some truth in that.  This is the time of year that we all get hit with outrageous amounts of advertising.  Since retailers make a great deal of money during the Holidays, it is logical that they do quite a bit of advertising and arm pulling.

As lawyers we don’t want to be perceived as “ambulance chasers” or crazy car salesmen.   On the other hand, this is the time of year that opens people’s hearts to the needy and to family and friends.  After writing last week’s blog, I thought about the fact that an attorney could also give a significant donation in the name of several clients to a charity.  The charity usually sends the donees a notice of the gift. But again this might be perceived as being manipulative.

So how does the attorney send greetings at this time of year?  Remember it is vital that you be touching your A Contacts at least 4 times a year and this is a perfect time for one of those.  The clue is to be sincere!  If you come to the task with a genuine desire to communicate your good wishes and “touch” the people you send cards to, then it will be accepted as such and not viewed as just another advertisement.  This means that you have to give considerable time to designing your greetings.  The sentiments need to be sincere and meaningful.  Happy Holidays won’t do!!!

Take time to think about what you want to say and wish your friends and clients.  VistaPrints lets you design your own cards and so you can really say what you want.  You can also chose a motif which fits your real belief about this time of year.

Remember your clients are lay people.  I remember one client who called me after I sent her a birthday card to say that it was the only birthday card she got.  Your card or greeting can make an impact and a difference in someone’s life.  If they are sincere, they will not be perceived to be just commercial.

So go forth and get it together to really “touch” your clients and friends, while letting them know you are still alive and kicking.