Here’s hoping all of you have gotten started on your Holiday mailing to your clients and friends and family.  How about putting something special in the Holiday Card?  Maybe your favorite poem?  A short story? Personal Pictures that are of interest?  Forget the newsletter with everything that has happened in the prior year unless you have gotten a good response to that earlier.

In this way, your recipient can see that you personalized the card just for them.  There is much to be said for quality over quantity.

Wouldn’t you like to receive a card with sentiments designed just for you?  Another idea is to have more than one type of card to send out.  One may be filled with Christmas spirit, another Jewish sentiments and a third kind of neutral.   If you have the time, sign the cards even if your name is printed.  ( I just heard that they may no longer teach cursive writing in school—-what is the world coming to?)

For very important people, you may want to put a $5.00 Starbucks gift card in with the Holiday Greeting.  Remember to put more stamps on it. Or how about a call instead of a card?  ” I’m not sending you a card because I would like to talk to you this season and we haven’t spoken in such a long time.”  or ” Your Holiday Card is my phone call”.

 If you have a staff, get everyone involved in sending Greetings to the Clients and referral sources.  Let them even help you select the cards. Once they are involved, you will get a lot more help in completing the task.  Start planning if you will have a Holiday Party for your staff.  Now is the time to select the date as everyone get very busy about this time of year.

There was a recent pole taken of employees who said they would like the day before and after Thanksgiving off instead of turkeys, etc.  How about 1/2 day off before Thanksgiving and then they can take the day after as a “personal” day if they wish?  These small things add up with employee satisfaction.  When you are sitting around deciding on the Holiday Cards ask your staff what they think.  Kindness goes a long way in keeping up morale.

All for now……is there anything that you would like for this Holiday just for yourself?  Let’s start thinking about that.