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About Eleanor Southers

Ms. Southers has been mentoring, coaching and helping lawyers throughout her 24-year legal career. In 1993 Ms. Southers was honored as Outstanding Woman of the Year by Women’s Referral Service which has a broad-based membership of Professional and Business women in the Southern California area. The primary basis for this award was her service to the organization’s mentor program which she organized and ran for several years. This provided mentors who Ms. Southers trained and managed and matched with entrepreneurs who desired help in running their businesses.

From that base, Ms. Southers has gone onto writing an advice column for the State Bar publication “Big News”. Topics have included starting your firm, problems with employees, personal issues facing lawyers and many other problems faced daily by the legal profession. She has also taught State Bar MCLE programs on Strategic Planning for the business of law and getting paid for your work.

Additionally, Ms. Southers has mentored and assisted many individual attorneys over her career. In the past few years, Ms. Southers has added this area of expertise to her practice. Guiding and coaching on a regular basis both new as well as established lawyers to a more successful and happier existence in their legal pursuits.

Ms. Southers comes from a managerial as well as a business background and brought this experience to her solo practice of law over 20 years ago. She built her practice to include several areas of the law and was also a trial attorney, winning large awards for her clients. She has “morphed” her practice several times. With over 2,000 past clients, she has encountered and survived numerous business challenges and now “morphed” into a practice which can include helping lawyers on a one to one basis to increase their revenue and be successful without forfeiting their personal life.

More importantly, Ms. Southers has attributed her success to two very important coaches in her life. One was able to see that she should “select one or two areas and not try to start a general practice” when she first opened her solo practice. This piece of advice turned Ms. Southers’ practice around and made it a profitable venture almost immediately. The other coach came later in her career and helped her start a successful mediation practice and handle various management problems with staff and kept her focused on specific goals to fulfill her dreams.

If you would like to discuss having Ms. Southers as your personal legal coach, please give her a call at 310-749-1944 or send an email. A quick phone conversation can confirm whether Ms. Southers can help you.