I have been an attorney for the past 32 years.  I had a large, successful Solo Practice doing personal injury, workers’ compensation and immigration law in Los Angeles, CA until moving to Santa Cruz, CA in 2007.  I now devote my time to coaching members of the legal profession throughout the United States on a one to one basis by Skype, Phone or in Person.

I came to become a Coach because I had three coaches during the 20 years I practiced as a Solo and am eternally grateful for their contribution to my success and happiness with the law.  I felt that I was now at a time in my life that I could give back to my colleagues. Coaching was a gift I could give to all attorneys at any time in their careers.

One of the biggest obstacles to my coaching practice has been the fact that attorneys who have not experienced it, have no idea what a dynamic tool it can be for life changing results.  No amount of speech-making and article writing can demonstrate the feeling of control that having a dedicated Coach, whose only agenda is the client’s success, can bring to an unhappy, struggling or even just under experienced attorney. Those that have taken a leap into being coached know differently.

I would invite you to take advantage of what I offer to our community.  I have open coaching hours available to get a “taste of coaching”.  I do Seminars and write articles for all kinds of legal publications.  The American Bar Association published my book titled BE A BETTER LAWYER: A SHORT GUIDE TO A LONG CAREER. This is a self-help book which can assist each and every lawyer to gain insight into their profession and make significant changes through concrete suggestions. 

If you need proof of my credentials, please CLICK HERE to view my resume.  If you want to talk to me further about coaching, please call (310) 749-1944.  I am a warrior for your success and want to see you attain your highest potential.  This includes having a balance in your life as well as a comfortable life style.

Speaking of life balance, I also paint and write fiction.  CLICK HERE to view a few of my watercolors, and CLICK HERE to read one of my short stories entitled “BRUISER”.

Experienced . . . . . . Trustworthy . . . . . Insightful