Resolutions means to have to write big goals down, then split them out into “baby step goals” and then set a deadline for each baby step to end up with the big goal completed.

Isn’t that boring ! No wonder people give up almost immediately.

Behavioral Science tells us that it takes a person (including, believe it or not, lawyers) 23 continuous  days of a doing a new action or behavior to have it become a learned habit that will continue.  Well, gosh, that’s almost a whole month!  Instead of wasting time trying to figure this all out, let’s just decide that we won’t decide anything right now unless it is really, truly important to our well-being.  By this, I mean like stopping smoking, taking your medication, bathing regularly, or visiting your family and friends. Losing 25 lbs, exercising daily and finding the solution to World Peace can wait.

Each morning get up and ask yourself:  “What is one thing I am going to do today that I don’t want to do? “  What is the one thing I am going to do today that I want to do?”   Then do those two things as soon as you can.  Now, no fudging.  You can’t pick the one thing you want to do is to sleep all day or skip work and go to the beach.

Try this approach.  You can even keep a list of resolutions that you may want to work on someday, but not  today or tomorrow….Look at the list at the end of the month and see how many you got done without even trying.  You might be surprised!