Am I making enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle?
Find the reasons you are not making enough money, how much more money you need and make a plan with goals to achieve it.

Do I enjoy going to work every day?
If you answer is NO, find out the reasons you are unhappy and take action.

Do I have reasonable goals that I can reach?
Create short term and long term goals with a definitive end in place.

How can I be a better lawyer while having a personal life?
Good time management is frequently the answer.

Am I doing the best job for me?
What are your long term goals? What do you want your life to look like in 3,5 and 10 years in the future?

Do I procrastinate instead of accomplishing what I want to do?
Find out the underlying reasons you procrastinate and make a plan to overcome them now.

Why do I feel so lonely some of the time?
Find out the reasons you are isolating yourself and make a plan to change that.

How could I use my time more effectively?
Learn good time management skills.

Why do I feel overwhelmed about “selling myself”?
Learn ways to “tout your own horn” by acquiring by finding different approaches to promoting yourself.

What could I be doing today to make a difference in my career?
Set up realistic short and long term plans to decrease your stress and locate a really satisfying career.

How can I start my own practice?
Learn the fundamental requirements for a solo practice and have strategic plan to achieve them.

How can I advance at my present firm?
By acknowledging what it takes within your firm’s culture to advance and aggressively pursue it.

How do I continue to grow in my spiritual life as I mature as a lawyer?
Learn what it means to make a commitment to nourishing your soul on a regular basis. First step is to block out time each day on your calendar to acknowledge your desire to live a full life (i.e., not just work!).