Again, I had a great revelation while watching television!  The scene was a Swedish detective mystery which I am addicted to.  The detective had pulled his car up to a house where he was going to interrogate a mean gal who might be the murderer.  He parked his car and went inside. She wasn’t home. Then gal came home and parked her truck directly in back of the detective’s car.

That’s when I started to worry.  What if he can’t get his car out? Why didn’t he think of this before he parked? Sure enough the mean gal started to curse and yell that someone was in her parking space.  Well, it all worked out and we found out that she wasn’t the murderer but I also found out that I was a little crazy.  This is a show, right? Then I remembered that I had recently read an article on brain science that said our brain believes that everything we see on TV and Movies, is real.  Of course, my brain should have worried about that stupid parking error…..and made my blood pressure go up.

I then realized that I often get caught up in worrying way too much about situations I see on TV. The fictional ones you understand, not the real live news.  Yes, I feel compassion for real people in trouble but I don’t feel like I can help  them or warn them like I do with fictional characters!

Then I came across this WORRYNOMORE  warranty which guarantees if the manufacturer or store can’t fix defects, the warranty will cover it. I envisioned a WORRYNOMORE LIFE WARRANTY I could get for all things that happen in my life. Unfortunately, I should have stopped there because I went onto read about Macy’s WORRYNOMORE warranty which you can get for an additional fee when you buy mattresses and furniture.  Oh my! Macy’s got only one star and at least ten of the most incredible stories about nightmares of absolutely run around and no customer service let alone compensation for major defects. And these were in 2015….

If you could buy a WORRYNOMORE LIFE WARRANTY for all of your life’s worries, how much would you pay for it? What worries would you like it to cover?  What would the elements of the warranty need to be in order for you to be covered(ie., money compensation, psychological counseling, a worry counseling sent to your home immediately?)

You are a lawyer, what would the language of the warranty look like?

If you did this exercise, you might find out something more about your worries….but I won’t give you a warranty on that!