What is the secret ingredient for success?

Can’t you guess?  We know lots of work, lots of planning and lots of support is supposed to make us successful.  But does it?  Does it guarantee success?

So you start out with your Goals.  You have strategically planned out how you are going to gain more SUCCESS.  You may want to earn more money, you may want more free time, you may want to lose weight or you may want a better relationship with your partner or children.

Your plan is down in stone.  You look at it every morning and you chop it up in smaller pieces to do a little each day.  Maybe you even have a coach or a friend to whom you are accountable.  With that, how can you fail? 

You read somewhere that if you do a different behavior for 20 days, it will become a habit.  So you are on your way to the 20th day, speeding ahead and actually seeing results.  Unless of course if it is a long term goal which you have set up to get completed in months or even years.  Then you expect that you will not see “results” as soon as quick, immediate goals like losing weight or creating a little more time for yourself.

However, at some point you find out that human beings are not machines which can simply be plugged in and produce an outcome in days, weeks or months.  They get sick, they get distracted, they have crises and they just get plain tired.
So come on Eleanor, Tell us the secret ingredient.  Well, folks, wait no more…..It is the ability to have an ANCHOR to your plans and continue to use that anchor every day to keep you on tract.  I always suggest that you go to bed with your anchor and wake up with it each morning.  Even if you are not going to work on your goals that day, the anchor is always with you until all your goals have been reached.

So what will your anchor look like?

  • It will be short like, “I will do one task today to raise my income”,  or “I will stay on my healthy diet today” or “I will find 2 hours this week to be with my family” or “I will calendar my schedule each week”
  • Anchors are doing things, not airy- fairy ideals that might come about or not. “I want to be successful” won’t work.
  • Anchors are directly related to your goals.
  • Anchors may change a little but if they are well conceived, not much.
  • Anchors must be made conscious by saying them in your head or out loud each day at least twice each day.
  • Do not have more than one Anchor at a time

So now all you have to do is decide on a goal.  Write down that goal.  Break it up into smaller tasks. Decide on an Anchor and get started.