So I hope you all read last week’s post.  I’m really interested in your comments.  Should women “buy into” every suggestion as how to become more confident in a “man’s world”.  Or is there some other answer?

Well this week I am going to give some well known HINTS about how you can gain more confidence if you feel you might like to……

  • READ MY BOOK, BE A BETTER LAWYER, A Short Guide to a Long Career. If you were a better lawyer than you are right now, wouldn’t you gain confidence? Of course.  Also I have that 20% off offer for you extended to 12/15.  Just go to the website and find the book.  Then order it with the code: BBLES20 and that will give you a 20% discount.

Next you will have to do the exercises.  Unfortunately just reading it and thinking about all the ways you are          going  to improve, won’t do it for you.

  •     * Commit to have a fully filled out calendared with all the times and tasks you will be doing each week, completed by Sunday Night so you can start on it first thing Monday Morning!!!

* Decide one goal right now that will bring you confidence if you completed it.  If you can’t think of anything, then make “Write one article for a Journal for submission by December 1,2014.  When the article is published, send it to your A list and post it on Linkedin” your goal.

  • Call one person who you need to speak with but have been avoiding.
  • Make a BUCKET LIST of all the things you want to do with your life in the next five years.  Put dates of completion by each item and get busy.

It’s pretty apparent from this list that building confidence entails doing something.  You can’t just sit and pray it comes to you.  However, the slightest forward movement will create confidence.  I guarantee it!