That sounds pretty presumptuous but I know it is true.  I firmly believe that if you take the tests in Part One of the book, you will find the areas of discontent in your life.  Identifying them is the first step.  Then you can go onto making the changes that will bring you greater satisfaction with your career and life.

That’s a lot to predict.  But being a coach, I have been able to see this happen time and time again.  Once we have identified the areas in a career that are troubled, we can find a path to heal those and move forward.  It is something like AA, where you first have to acknowledge that something is wrong before you can change it.

The next part of the book sets out how to go about changing the areas identified.  Take for instance Public Speaking.  You know that being a good public speaker would enhance your career.  You could give seminars, workshops or just shorts talks to colleagues.  How about Court.  Shouldn’t you be a great Public Speaker before a jury? But great fear holds you back from even trying.

This is a perfect example of an area of a career (all lawyers) that could be developed for projecting greater influence in the profession.  My book will give you exact steps to take so that you can overcome this fear.

The Part Two of the book will tell you exactly how to approach and get started on reaching your goals.  I wrote the book for each one of you. I want to see you succeed and have greater satisfaction with your chosen profession.  I guarantee that this book will help you do that.

I would give you a money back guarantee but the ABA won’t let me do that!!!!