I know I promised you a blog every Monday, but I was excited and had to share the news that my book BE A BETTER LAWYER: A short guide to a long career is coming off the presses as I write this.  It is going to take a couple more weeks for the ABA to get it ready for distribution and I will be sending you the link to purchase it.  It is only $39.95 and you know that you can always get some money off for being a member of a Bar Association or a member of the ABA Section.

It is being published by the GPSolo section, so if you belong, go for the reduction.  It is a book that can help every lawyer, solos, in house, government, partner, associate, teacher.  The first part is identifying what areas of your life you would like to improve.  The second half of the book is how to go about doing that. Next I have included some things to think about how to keep up with all the stuff going on in the future.  There are also two appendices which include a special section for Solos and another on handling difficult problems in the practice of law.

There is something for every lawyer.   It is an ideal gift for an attorney.

It has a story behind it.  About two years ago I started to write it.  I bought a laptop and would write a little off and on but never really “getting on with it”.  Then my friend in the ABA GPSolo publishing committee who I have worked with for many years on the Executive Committee of the Solo and Small Firm Section of the California State Bar, asked me if I didn’t have a book to publish.   Well, I had a couple of chapters in my laptop.

She pushed me a little and I sent my proposal to the ABA Publishing Committee with my first chapter.I sent the chapter because I was scared that they might accept my proposal and hate my writing! Anyway, they like both the proposal and the writing so I “got on with it”.  The result is a publication which I hope will help many lawyers to uncover their strengths, weaknesses, challenges and what they really want to get out of their practice of law.

The Book is meant to be used over and over again as you go through different periods in your practice.  Hopefully, it will become your companion in reminding you how to always BE BETTER.  Lawyers are great people and it has been my privilege to be able to work with many as they create the best careers for themselves.