I just ordered my Holiday Cards.  I send out New Year’s Cards because I don’t like to offend anyone with my Christmas Greetings.  I do love the Angels and Jesus and the Christmas Trees and especially Santa.  I do know, however, that our earth is populated by all kinds of beliefs and I can’t really share my enthusiasm for Christmas with all the people I want to send a Holiday Greeting to.

What are your beliefs at this time of year?  Do you want to find people to share those with?  Hopefully you have found a spiritual home that nurtures you.   Being a lawyer with all of its stress and political shenanigans can sometimes allow you to lose your sense of self.  We are careful about the way we use words when it relates to ethnic groups and certainly this greater awareness has made us a better human being but it has also caused us to be criticized if we make a false move.  What used to be OK language just 10 years ago, is no more.

Now is not a bad time to give this topic some consideration.  You, too, need to pick out good Holiday Greetings to send to your clients, old and new, your friends and family.  What do you really want to say to your sendees?  What are your real wishes for them?  Do you want to inspire them? Or do you want to have them know you understand their wishes and desires?

Do your Holiday Card choosing now.  Don’t wait until you are so rushed that you send out the same old, same old.  Make your greetings sincere and this will give you a real Holiday lift yourself.  Give yourself the leisure of really enjoying the Holiday Season, no matter what your belief is.

Some people have told me that they find Thanksgiving a more meaningful Holiday than Christmas or New Years.  How do you feel about that? Do you really only give Thanks once a year?  Or do you find something to be thankful for every day?  If nothing else, as Woody Allen says,” that you got up this morning is a blessing”.   Being aware of how much life has given you is a very humbling task and one that is very good for lawyers.

Enough with the preaching.  Your hint for this week is to get on the ball with choosing your Holiday Cards.  Enjoy the process as you pick and choose.  Make your gift list.  Start thinking about what would make someone else happy……