9/30/13 What did you pick for your long term goals.  Let’s take one of those and decide when you want to complete it.  That may be 2,3 or 5 or even 10 years from now.  Write the goal and write the date you want it completed. Make that realistic. In other words, don’t decide you want to retire in 2 years if you just started practicing law.

Next, look at where you are right now with that goal. Say, you decide you want to double your revenue in 2 years.  That means you will write down what your revenue is right now and what it will be in 2 years.  Next check where the most of your revenue is coming from right now.  Write this down and study each place. Make a decision either to follow and further market these sources, create new ones or get some assistance in making these decisions.

Now, break down the amount you need to reach by 1 year and then by 6 months in order to get to that goal in 2 years.  You can immediately start working on the first 6 month goals by next week when I give you some ideas how to do that.  Stay tuned!!!