9/15/13  My sense today is that time goes by so quickly that sometimes we lose precious things we want to accomplish.  Waiting around for something to happen before we get on with a particular goal is pretty much magical thinking.

Take for instance the person who has to wait for his children to grow up to change careers or to go back to school.  Yes, these are big decisions but instead of taking such an all or nothing approach, sometimes making little goals that will lead to big ones is a great idea.

In this case the lawyer could begin planning just what that UMBRELLA GOAL might look like in 5 or 6 years.  Then under that large goal, he can set up small goals which can be accomplished in the ensuing years leading up to that.  Maybe taking one class a semester or volunteering or working on a targeted Board could help to keep him on the path now.

In this way he moves towards the goal and  keeps up the momentum.

What long term goal might you have that you could set now and work towards?  How would you do that?  Write this down and start doing some planning.  Next week, we’ll see how you are doing.